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Tip and Guidance

  Safety tip


Planning ahead can be the key to a great driving experience. We encourage you     to review the wealth of tips and guidance we provide. If you can, print any pages you     find relevant and take them with you on your trip


   Emergency Road Service


As in most countries, for Emergency Road     Service Renters requiring assistance on the road     will find an emergency phone number printed on     their rental agreement and on the windscreen sticker.


   Thai Roads 


Thailand has a good network of well maintained roads and highways between all main centers. Most of the north-south route is dual carriage way. Road signage follows international convention and is in both Thai and English. Night driving is not recommended on the open road due to heavy truck traffic, who tend to have a poor respect for cars. Motor bikes can on occasion be a hazard, particularly as they are often ridden into oncoming traffic. Driving on the more major routes outside Bangkok and around resort areas is both a safe and an enjoyable experience. A self drive holiday offers the opportunity to experience wonderful Thai culture and the opportunity for travelers to stop as long as they like at the many points of interest in the Kingdom. 

Bangkok has a poor reputation for traffic conditions and this is justified except     on the expressways. The city is very overcrowded with traffic and this makes driving     difficult for drivers unfamiliar with the city. Whilst Thai drivers are exceedingly     courteous and considerate to other road users (horns are used very rarely), traffic     directions, and entry and exit locations often change during the day. These changes     are seldom advised by signs, and none are in English, hence unfamiliar drivers can     end up a considerable distance from their desired location due to enforced traffic     flows. An increasingly extensive network of expressways within Bangkok now     makes  entry and exit of the city a simple task. Accordingly, one way rentals from or     to Bangkok International Airport is not a difficult undertaking.


   Fuel Availability and Prices 


All Hua Hin Car Rent cars in Thailand use unleaded petrol, which is sold by the liter. Hua Hin Car Rent's vans use diesel. Both fuels are freely available throughout Thailand and prices generally range around 35 Baht per liter for them. Fuel stations are plentiful and most of the larger ones accept major international credit cards. In more remote locations cash will be required. 


   Road Rules 


In Thailand you are required to drive on the left hand side of the road. The     maximum speed limit in cities and towns is 60km/h (35 mph) and varies between     90 and 120 km/h (52-60 mph) on expressways and country roads. Police regularly     check motorists speed. Wearing of seat belts is compulsory and drink driving laws     apply. All insurance is invalid if drivers exceed the legal alcohol limit. 


  Mobile Phones 


Renters should be advised that Thailand has nationwide GSM mobile telephone coverage. Provided international roaming has been obtained in their home country, renters personal telephones will work in all but the most remote parts of Thailand. 


   Drivers License 


All drivers must hold a current, non-probationary license. The license may either be Thai, or from a renter's country of residence (with an English translation) or an international drivers permit. Licenses (and a valid passport) must be carried at     all times when driving. 




Hua Hin Car Rent and Van Rental of Thailand require drivers to be at least 20 years of age, and there are no age surcharges or maximum age limitations. 


   Additional Drivers


No charge is made for additional drivers, however, they must be nominated and have their names entered on the rental agreement at the time of rental. 




All self drive rental transactions in Thailand are subject to Value Added Tax  (VAT) on the total sum billed. VAT is included in the net rates. Currently VAT is seven percent. 


   Free Delivery and Pickup


To help our customers get their trip off to a relaxing start, we are happy to deliver their vehicle to their hotel or other accommodation place within the Hua Hin  area of all locations at no extra charge. Please note that hotel deliveries must be pre booked at the time of reservation. A free pickup service is also available within  the Hua Hin of the Hua Hin Car Rent  location where the vehicle is to be dropped Touring Maps and Street Directories 

 Quality touring maps of Thailand and street directories are available free of charge to customers at the time of rental. Our staff will also assist with explaining the best routes for the customers travel plans. 


   Emergency Assistance 


Budget offers a 24 hour emergency multi lingual assistance service in  conjunction with International SOS, an international emergency and roadside assistance organization. In An Emergency Call +66(0)863756972 Upon calling, professional emergency specialists will ensure appropriate assistance is arranged     by the quickest means to meet the customers' requirements (including ambulance  evacuation to the nearest center of medical excellence). Thai, English and Chinese speakers are available 24 hours per day (and other languages can be  catered for at short notice as required). Please note that puncture repairs, lock outs,and out of fuel calls will be charged to the renter at the time of service. 




Baby seats suitable for children six months to three years are available at all     locations, but they should be prebooked at the time of reservation. The seats will be     charged at Baht 100 per day to a maximum of Baht 500 per rental. Baby capsules for  infants under six months are not available. Budget vehicles are specially fitted with mounting points for baby seats behind the rear seats to meet international     standards. 



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